Foot Ulcer Segmentation Challenge 2021


Mar 1 2021 The challenge is registered as a MICCAI online challenge. Link here.

Mar 9 2021 The training and validation dataset is published. Link here.

May 31 2021 The challenge design is uploaded here.

July 5 2021  Additional 200 labeled images are added to the training dataset.

July 10 2021 A new testing dataset is published for sanity checks and your docker submission.

July 11 2021 The submission instructions are published here.

Aug 16 2021 The leaderboard is released hereThis is an open challenge and we look forward to your submission any time. The leaderboard will be updated with new submissions.


The goal of this challenge is to segment the wound area from natural images photographed during clinical visits. In the dataset provided, over 1000 images are collected over 2 years from hundreds of patients. All images are completely de-identified by removing personal identifiers defined by HIPAA.